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Bomb Scare - Book Report/Review Example

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Joseph Cirincione, presents a balanced study of the drivers that cause states to seek to obtain nuclear weapons also as the barriers that prompt some to turn aside from the quest, or abandon it altogether. And in the light of reasoned thought he concludes, "The good news is that the nonproliferation regime has worked…

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Bomb Scare

But does this automatically make the world a safer place'
Cirincione takes fulfillment that "the threat of a global thermonuclear war is now near zero". He goes on to state, "The dangers we face today are very serious, but they are orders of magnitude less severe than those we confronted just two decades ago from the overkill potential of U.S. and Russian arsenals. We no longer worry about the fate of the earth, but we still worry about the fate of our cities".(Cirincione) It is in the resulting debate of nuclear violence that the upbeat tenor of the author's faith in the potential of discussions and agreements to handle the imminent threat more and more seems detached from reality. While it is factual that the risk of global thermonuclear war has diminished, the possibility all out nuclear war was for all time very low as a result of the Strangelovian logic of mutually certain destruction. Then again, the probability of the explosion of a nuclear weapon smuggled into an American city by terrorists in the next decade is evidently important. Though such an event would not be the end of life on this planet, its societal, economic and political consequences would about definitely be the end of life as we have come to know it. And, millions of people would die. This being the case, how can the author argue that the world is safer now than it was twenty years ago'
Cirincione also contends t ...
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