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Book Report/Review example - Political Satire

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Because Louis de Bernieres' 'Captain Corelli's Mandolin' proved, from a personal viewpoint, to be one of the most captivating, unusual and emotionally engaging books ever read, my initial response to the statement was bemusement tempered with resentment. The first was due to the categorical definition of 'powerful political satire', the latter because of the negativity implied by the term 'unsatisfactory novel'…

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The novel is a complex and varied piece of work which contradicts the limitations of such a definition; it is more, or perhaps less, than the statement suggests and may possibly defy categorization.
In addressing the 'political satire', there is evidence that de Bernieres sought to ridicule and indeed satirize various political ideologies. Yet later criticisms and commentaries on the book actually refute that hypothesis, though almost every political view is represented throughout. In examining the portrayal of Fascism, in the form of Il Duce, Mussolini, this is certainly a good example of satire, supported by the literary use of bathos and rhetoric.
HO LET THAT CAT IN HERE[...]IS THAT THE CAT THAT SHAT IN MY HELMET[...] STAND BACK OR YOU'LL CATCH A BULLET TOO...I shouldn't have to look at all this blood and mess[...] Give me my helmet, quick, I need something to be sick in.( de Bernieres, 15)
{If the word HAT were included, a nice bit of ironic doggerel would have resulted). Not only is this marvelously bathetic - the image of a great leader reduced to a wild and gibbering idiot by the presence of a cat but the allegorical intent is obvious. ...
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