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Essay example - Frosts Birches and Carvers Cathedral.

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In "Birches" Frost probes the power of his redemptive fantasy as it moves from its playful stage toward the edge of hazardous transcendence. The transition into transcendence is a transition into an area of fundamental creative freedom where (since redemption has been successful) all possibilities of meeting with the universal realities of understanding are dissolved…

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Imagination is described as "a swinger of birches." The depiction of the boy purifies this illustration: "One by one he subdued his father's trees
On the one hand, 'birch swinging' is a metaphoric description of human life: every day we swing between work and leisure, between day and night, between joy and sorrow Human is vulnerable against the power of life and death, of love and hate - and has nothing to do, but to swing or even bow under the pressure of ice winds. On the other hand, 'birch swinging' is a specific perception of loneliness, since the protagonist of the poem is a boy, a child of nature who doesn't know yet all complications of our society.
The short story "Cathedral" by Raymond Carver is about both physical and spiritual blindness. Even though Bub technically has normal vision, he is blind, since he is not able to understand emotions of a person who is not able to see. Although Bub's words and behaviour when he is interacting with Robert, the blind man, one can see that he does not "see" or realize what Robert's blindness means or how it alters or does not alter him as a personality. The narrator lives in a limited, well-protected world. ...
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