Satire in Jonathan Swift's Poems

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Jonathan Swift (1667-1745), one of the masters of satirical verse in English literature, celebrates his power of satire in the poems 'A Description of a City Shower' and 'A Beautiful Young Nymph Going to Bed'. A detailed analysis of the literary career of this genius in the English literature makes his mastery of the genre of satire very explicit.


His satire makes the readers laugh as well as reflect. "For Swift, language, religion, and politics are not strictly divisible, but are all inextricably linked as integral parts of human endeavour. The serious business of Swiftian satire is that it invites (or provokes) the reader to be critical: that is, to judge. Most often, the judgments that Swift's satires ask us to make go well beyond straightforward condemnation of the work's obvious target; rather, we are led to form a series of deeper judgments about language, religion, and politics, and about the operations of human vice and virtue that govern these activities in others and in ourselves." (Suarez SJ 2003). This paper analyses the satirical qualities of the poems 'A Description of a City Shower' and 'A Beautiful Young Nymph Going to Bed' and identifies some of the major satirical characteristics that the poems enjoy in common. Satire in 'A Description of a City Shower'
Among the famous satires by Swift, 'A Description of a City Shower' is often considered in literary circles as involving many of the satirical qualities of Swiftian poetry. The poem very well illustrates the literary qualities as well as social concern of the poet. ...
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