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to their tragic death. Romantic love stories often end in tragedy because of the loss of passion or a loved one. This is what happens in Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet where two citizens of Verona, fall madly in love. Their love comes to a tragic end along with their lives, caused by a fatal misunderstanding and a persistent feud going on between their two families.


His responsibility is mild compared to the accountability of other influences in the lovers' lives, including friends and parents and the idea of fate and fortune. Even Romeo and Juliet, can both be held responsible for the loss of their lives because of their irrational behaviour.
There are three major events which lead to the tragic end of this play beginning from the secret marriage of Romeo and Juliet, the fake death of Juliet to protect her from marrying Paris, and then the actual death of both the lovers. In all these situations, Friar Lawrence plays a major role though he was just a well wisher and only wanted to end the feud between the brawling households.
He was a wise, careful and a kind hearted man and wanted to act as a peacemaker between the feuding families, but his good intentions were never fulfilled because the circumstances that surrounded the marriage made it impossible for peace to occur. The unfortunate turns the events took, made the two lovers pay with their lives instead of giving them happiness and bringing the families closer.
Even though the Friar knew that the marriage was flawed, and his action may seem irresponsible but Romeo and Juliet's chance meeting, their separation as a result of Romeo's banishment, play a far greater role in the tragedy. ...
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