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Polly Toynbee (born Mary Louisa Toynbee on December 27 1946) is a journalist and writer with social democratic views in the United Kingdom, and has since 1998 been a columnist for The Guardian newspaper. Her columns commonly support New Labour, but she has also made keen criticisms of the Blair government.


At The Independent, which she joined after leaving the BBC, she was a columnist and associate editor, working with then editor Andrew Marr. After Marr's principal spell as Independent editor she rejoined The Guardian. She has also written for The Observer and the Radio Times; at one time she edited the Washington Monthly USA. Currently Toynbee serves as President of the Social Policy Association.
Polly Toynbee was married to the late Peter Jenkins, also a journalist. She now lives with the journalist David Walker, with whom she has collaborated on books reviewing the successes and failures of New Labour in power. Both she and Jenkins were supporters of the SDP breakway from Labour in 1981 - both signing the Limehouse Declaration. Toynbee went on to stand for the party at the 1983 General Election in Lewisham East, garnering 9351 votes (22%). She later became something of a rarity in refusing to support the subsequent merger of the SDP with the Liberals (to form the Liberal Democrats), reacting instead by moving back towards Labour when the rump SDP collapsed. ...
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