King Oedipus

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The royal couple were leading a contented family life with their children while Thebes flourished and people were happy, when plague struck and compelled the King for look for reasons and eradicate the calamity. These pages are the fist indicators that the future would be dark.


Father, who inflicted ever-lasting injury on the infant and sent him to his death, strangely did not murder him. "He (Laius) chose exposure rather than outright murder for the same reason the Creon has Antigone entombed alive: so that he would avoid the pollution" (Gould, 1970, p.93).
Oedipus when he came to save the people of Thebes from the Sphinx and was victorious, had no idea how the earlier King, Laius looked. Oedipus was a stranger to Thebes and thought that Jocasta's husband was of his own age or even younger, perhaps due to her youthful appearance and the man he murdered was definitely a much older man. This prompts him to swiftly ask Jocasta the age of the first King. According to the Queen, her first husband 'had the splendid figure of a nobleman', not unlike that of Oedipus and this description makes all the difference to Oedipus. The servant, who begged Jocasta to relieve him so that he could go to the village and live there, had already seen Oedipus on the throne and instantaneously recognised the killer of Laius. He was escaping from the new King. But once Oedipus came to know about it, in his characteristically shrewd and bold way, he requests the Queen to call the servant back to the court, so that he could meet him.
The complicated relationships in the play are the main theme. ...
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