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This paper encompasses a discussion of hyperreality. Hyperreality is a philosophy first made popular by Jean Baudrillard, Daniel Boorstin. It is important not to confuse Hyperreality with the tenets of surrealism. Hyperreality is a concept in concept in semiotics and postmodern philosophy that requires a little knowledge about the subject to truly understand.


There are other definitions of the term that include "The simulation of something which never really existed." (Baudrillard) "The authentic fake." (Eco). These definitions are provided from hyperreality philosophers and can be compared with the definition of reality to clearly observe the divergence into hyperreality. As a result, a disparity as to what reality is surfaces. This is because the
conventional and somewhat predictable definitions of reality "represent a larger problem in the attempt to locate the real on the most basic level, for they are wholly circular, a set of signifiers reflecting back at each other lacking the grounding necessary to render meaning. " (Delueze, 1990 p286) Virilio points out that "this problem is not unique to the word 'reality,' indeed almost all words and signs are only able to refer back towards the internal exchange of other signs in order to produce a theoretical anchor." p 981991)
The slippage of reality, its "elusiveness encountered even in a basic search for a definition, is an element of the hyperreal - a condition in which the distinction between the 'real' and the imaginary implodes" p 818 Nealon, 1998) Taking all of this into account about rea ...
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