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The Diamonds by J. Sorie Conteh - Book Report/Review Example

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Ever since their discovery over three thousand years ago diamonds have captivated men and women universally. The reasons for the fascination are embodied in the name. Diamond is a derivative of the Greek word adamant, which means to tame, to subdue. Diamonds in abundance, and just for the taking!…

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The Diamonds by J. Sorie Conteh

He was a thriving present cultivator, leaves his countryside for the Brave New World of diamond mining at Sewa. It is a completely different, dishonest and crooked world, where money is made promptly and then lost, theft is customary, as long as one is not caught, and prostitution is very much a component of life. At first coy but driven by an astonishing and outstanding aspiration to get wealthy quick, Gibao gives in to the gluttony and graft of the diamond mines, and takes things further; Gibao commits ritual slaughter after being told by a sorcerer that it will facilitate him find big diamonds.
The novel also investigates the diviner's role and societal meltdown reasoned by Sierra Leone's great diamond rush of the decade of 1950s. One is provided the smells and experience of the culture and civilization of West Africa, replete with divination, polygamy, astrologers, virgin sacrifices, jam-packed buses and trains, diamond settlements, delectable array of food and belief and death. As a state Sierra Leone found itself affluent in diamonds. The Diamonds characterizes current undertakings, when Gibao, a sturdy, well built and determined individual sense forced by his position and state of affairs, his wives and his inner ravenousness to become wealthy. ...
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