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Madame de Sevigne demonstrates herself as being concerned with the many things that are present in the lives of the typical woman with responsibilities. She preoccupies herself with the duties of the mother, the woman of the house, the neighbor and the citizen.


She eagerly relates and analyses the situations that have to do with these, and whether they be grave or light, colors them blithely and with humor.
Madame de Sevigne demonstrates her close connection with her children in the initial stages of the letter. The greeting overflows with sentiment to her daughter, who has recently embarked on a journey. It is clear that she is concerned about her daughter's state of both health and mind, though at first it is unclear why. She writes, "I am eating my heart out, and my impatience is upsetting my sleep." Further evidence of her motherly concern for her daughter is in her response to Madame de Grignan's depressed state of mind. Mme. De Sevigne is aware that he daughter's pregnancy is causing her a reasonable amount of mental and physical strain. She offers her support through her frequent and lengthy letters, calculated to distract and divert her child. This is evident in her constant charges to her daughter to take care of herself: "Mind you don't fall." She is also very quick to praise her daughter in order to counteract the effects of the mood swings associated with her pregnancy.
In her concern for her son she also shows her parental concern and the fulfillment of her duties in that office. ...
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