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In his poetry, Owen depicts war as a world of casualty, severity, hopelessness, and sufferings. In his poems "Futility" and "The Send Off" he explores the concepts of pointlessness and irrationality of wartime. To convey a message of the poems Owen appeals to emotions of readers and their imagination using specific techniques and different stylistics devices.


The message of this poem is that war is senseless, war brings only grief and constant tension to be killed. In contrast to this horrible picture of war reality, the other poem "The Send Off" depicts the departure of soldiers who have not been faced with reality of war. It is possible to predict that these young boys have heard a lot of battles and operations, but none of them can imagine the casualties of war-time.
In both poems, Owen uses similar techniques to impress the reader and convey the message of the poems. His structural and stylistic devices reveal a variety of interpretations as to the meaning in the poems. The title "Futility" comments on the main idea of the poem, which means death of innocent people (soldiers) who can do nothing to protect themselves. The use of past tense underlines the fact that a soldier on the battlefield is dead and nothing can bring him back. The title "The Send Off" is an example of sarcasm which questioned the necessity of new deaths.
Rural landscapes in "Futility" underlines that the common sense of a battle field cannot be explained through a personal interest of people taking part in a battle because a soldier means nothing as a subject but more as a tool of a battle field. ...
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