Tim May "Social Research: Issues, Methods and Process"

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The very notion of social research relates to diverse types of investigations performed by social scientists within fields of sociology, social anthropology, social policy, education, and other similar disciplines. In general, methods employed by social scientists can be divided into two broad groups - quantitative methods, which are aimed at measuring of social phenomena and analysis of numerical information, and qualitative methods, which highlight personal interpretations in order to achieve a better understanding of the significance of social phenomena.


Therefore, it is hard to overestimate the importance of the proper introductory literature to social research for sociology and social policy undergraduates which would help to establish a clear understanding of the scope of available and prospective tools of sociological research. Let us overview two works that may pretend to assume the role of such literature.
The first such work is represented by the book by Tim May "Social Research: Issues, Methods and Process". As can be understood from the title of the book the task that the author has set before him is to combine within a single and rather concise work a discussion of the aims, problems, processes, and methods of social research. Of course, to achieve a deep understanding of such a complex topic the discussion should include not only study of relevant aspects of social theory, general methodology, and practical methods, but at the same time of interconnections between them. ...
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