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The idea of the literary character substantially changed in the course of transition from classicism to realism. Classicistic hero was based on the one predominant feature. Realists showed the nature of character from the different sides. Their hero has got the capability for development.


She does not obtrude her opinion upon the readers; however, she never lets her characters out of the field of her view.
Austen's novel is full of internal psychological motion. Elisabeth Bennett and Darcy in the course of time reject the first false, full of prejudice idea of life and gradually understand the true values. The character is represented in Jane Austen's novels in constant development. She is able to access the slightest complex psychological processes going on in the inner world of an identity. Austen used a variety of narrative techniques to let us see this world. Let us consider the example Elizabeth's speech to herself after she reads the letter Darcy has written to her:
- How despicably have I acted!" she cried. - I, who have prided myself on my discernment! - I, who have valued myself on my abilities! who have often disdained the generous candour of my sister, and gratified my vanity, in useless or blameable distrust.1
According to Wood 'Austen uses stage sociology style with ever greater sophistication, dispensing with quotation marks, and blending the heroine's soliloquy with her own third-person narration, so that she is able to move in and out of a character as she pleases. [. . ...
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