Kansas Band Song "Dust in the Wind"

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Dust in the Wind, a phenomenal hit song by Kansas, has poetic lyrics that have the ability to induce its listener to think deeply over himself and his surroundings. It has this meditative quality, one that encourages the listener to detach herself from being an active player in the real world in order to view things more objectively.


Pettinger), bore some semblance to the Dust in the Wind in terms of message. Definitely, this was written long before Kerry Livgren, Kansas' guitarist and songwriter, penned the words for the song in 1977 (Wikipedia). However, this just proves that the subjects of man's purpose in life and the inevitability of death are not new at all. This is much understandable in Dickinson's time. In her formative years, she was enrolled at the Amherst Academy. In 1845, a religious revival took place in the campus, which heavily influenced Dickinson and her friends. From then onwards, most of her poems and even letters to friends bore religious or spiritual themes. Although her poems do not explicitly mention the existence of a Supreme Being or God, she always managed to describe man's mortality as a proof of his insignificance compared to what he gains after his death. In the poem, "I Reason the Earth is Short", she wrote the lines: "The best Vitality cannot excel Decay" and "I reason that in Heaven, Somehow, it will be even" (Habegger).
Whether Kerry Livgren read this poem and was influenced by it or not, his song Dust in the Wind is also a product of his own religious conviction. In 1979, two years after the song was written and recorded, Livgren was delved in the Urantia Book, which states revelations allegedly written by supernatural beings. ...
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