The Narrative of Frederick Douglass

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Douglass's Narrative shows how white slaveholders perpetuate slavery by keeping their slaves ignorant. At the time Douglass was writing, many people believed that slavery was a natural state of being. They believed that blacks were inherently incapable of participating in civil society and thus should be kept as workers for whites.


The narrative discusses the life of Frederick Douglass during the 19th century. Alfred Woodard acts as the narrator in the movie adaptation of the narrative. This depicted Douglass as a slave at birth and he was deprived of a lot of things that a young boy was supposed to have. Education was one thing that he lacked. A slave owner's wife was his first teacher so even though Douglass did not attend school and experienced formal education, he was able to learn how to read books.
Armed with knowledge, his awareness and understanding of the society grew deeper. He was able to make comparisons about the situation he was in and the situation of other people who were not slaves. Wisdom paved the way for his realization that slavery was a form of violating human rights that they, too also have.
Since he was fortunate compared to his co-slave workers for he was able to read and understand, he pursued to liberate the slaves of the country. His ability to organize his thoughts into meaningful sentences, he became a persuasive public speaker and he shared to the world what he experienced as a slave including the civil rights injustices that were happening to slaves in general.
"The master is frequently compelled to sell this class of his slaves, out of deference to the feelings of his white wife; and, cruel as the deed may strike ...
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