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With management of the natural environment having come to a critical phase in the past decade, organizations and governments alike are now in full throttle where these issues are concerned. This has ushered in an era of research and the subsequent modeling of theories upon which to develop applications that will help authorities arrive at breakthroughs where the arena of natural area management is concerned.


In their paper, these writers have tried to bring out the applications in context of community stakeholders who are those parties responsible for drawing from the natural resources to deal with consumer pressure and governmental regulations. These applications define how participation of people and strategic partnerships can help deploy the natural resources in keeping with the scarce nature of these resources, so as to ensure effective and optimum utilization with minimum depletion apart from coming up with techniques for gradual restoration in qualitative and quantitative terms.
The paper explores and examines challenges and lessons learned from the implementation of community based natural resources management programmes various areas apart from being largely on primary data, with some secondary data sources. Further, the writers have drawn on various frameworks that have the potential to promote rural socio-economic development and natural resources management.
Among the key factors identified as pivotal to the success of these frameworks and applications is broadening the consultation base during the mobilization phase of the programmes to facilitate effective community participation and representation. ...
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