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Umberto Eco's brilliant description of contemporary culture and its obsession with hyper-reality was first found in his work 'Travels in Hyper-reality'. Written in 1975, this essay was a commentary on America's theme parks - more precisely the Disneyland; that Eco saw as an experiment in hyper-reality.


While it is a clearly tangible technology, hyper-reality is a concept still simmering in the minds which we use sometimes to describe something as unreal as the Disneyland structures.
Is it then just postmodernist gibberish when writers like Eco and Baudrillard came up with the concept of hyper-reality We shall now discuss Eco's contention with the help of other significant writings on the subject. According to postmodern writers and by that we do not mean Eco alone, hyper-reality is a representation of reality which is better than the original. Eco argues for example that a recreated diorama is more effective than the actual scene (Eco 1986:8). Jean Baudrillard supports this argument when he says that Americans like to see reproductions of their heroes and monuments as simulacra. Simulacra is thus something which is "more real" than the original (1988:41). ...
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