The Maltese Falcon by Dashiell Hammett

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The Maltese Falcon is a detective novel authored by Dashiell Hammett which came into publication in the 1930's. It tells the story of detective Sam Pade who finds himself involved in an intricate case of finding a jewel encrusted falcon. The mysterious and valuable object which have been described as a gift to the Carles V of Spain brings about three murders.


The falcon turns out to be fake and the criminals are pinned by Sam Spade who have been bent on acquiring justice for his murdered partner whose wife he was having an affair with.
This paper aims to provide an in-depth analysis regarding gender and class relations present in the composition if there are any. This is in line with the view that literary works mirrors society even if unconsciously. What does the text say about the people then How did they interact with one another What was the role of women, men and those in between These are the questions that would be guiding the discussions.
Information regarding gender issues are presented first before the analysis of the text for every gender, class and race presented. However, we would almost be dealing with gender issues because this is what isprominent in the work. This is done so you, the reader, could better appreciate the discussion involving the literary work. I would like to inform the reader to adapt a more critical view as most of the concepts here presented may seem to be far fetched. I have tried my best to argue my ideas and it would up to you whether they hold substance.
In ages past, the woman was only deemed fit for household chores and the raising of children. ...
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