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"Should football managers be sacked when results (on the field) are poor?

A football manager can have the best players in the world, but without credible managerial skills, less talented players who have a better managing team will beat his team. Each player has their own talents, qualities and strengths that proper workout on a daily basis that is meant to sustain morale, motivation and competence the player’s capabilities will not be portrayed in the games. They will be wasted. The secret to football success is in the backroom stuff and management. The best way to ensure staff competence is by understanding what the different football manager stuff attributes mean for training, transfer handling and scouting- this is what is called the ‘non-play attributes’. The decision to hire or sack a manager implies the consideration of aspects linked to environmental pressures, the importance of experience and skill of the manager and the emotional empathy of the manager with the institution. It is important that the manager be sacked based of field performance because just as Tena said, there are other external factors to be considered. These factors include the sponsors, the fans, the stakeholders, and the prestige of the football club among others. If a team keeps losing, then there is pressure from these external attributes on the management to take measures towards the rectification of the problem. These measures may lead to the sacking of the manager and other staff members. ...
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It has often been said that the success of any business depends on the competence and effectiveness of its managers. This statement has been proven to be correct over and over again in the business world. …
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