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It becomes the crux of globalization phenomenon. In a globalised world, companies spread their businesses to other countries too. What are the key indicators of international business? A layman will list export and import as indicators of international business. Globalization, industrialization and urbanization will be the response of an environmentalist, but an economist’s answer will be FDI, GDP, GNI, GNP and HDI. In this content, let us take an outlook on the international business in relation to India. India, a country with diversity in culture and society, had made path breaking growth in international business. After the initiation of economic reforms in early 1990s, foreign investors are finding it easier to do business. Now, India exports software to around 90 countries. Historical background of the topic under study GDP and GNP are used in business and economic forecasting. Both measure the status of the economy, but calculations and applications are different. GDP stands for gross domestic product, which can be defined as the estimated value of the country’s production and services, within its boundary, calculated during one fiscal year. The Bretton Woods conference held in 1944, promoted GDP as a standard tool in Economic analysis of a country. China re-designed this standard GDP in 2006 and created an index known as ‘Green GDP’, which also took environmental factors into consideration. ...
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Table of content 1. Introduction 1 2. Historical background of the topic under study 1 3. Current situation analysis 1 4. International business related information 2 5. Observation on the situation analysis 3 6. Comparisons 3 7. Findings 4 8. Suggestions 4 9…
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