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Annotated Bibliography example - Women and the glass ceiling in corporate America

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Annotated Bibliography
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Abstract: This brief annotated bibliography helps to shed light on the glass ceiling as experienced by women in corporate America. As such, the author has researched the topic and provided a litany of sources and explanations which will help in provided a detailed research overview of the topic. …

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Furthermore, the sources provided help to give a research centric focus to a problem that is often considered a sociological construct. By means of achieving this, the author hopes that the end result will be that the researcher is able to draw measurable inference on the ultimate research question. Bowling, C. J., Kelleher, C. A., Jones, J., & Wright, D. S. (2006). Cracked Ceilings, Firmer Floors, and Weakening Walls: Trends and Patterns in Gender Representation among Executives Leading American State Agencies, 1970–2000. Public Administration Review, 66(6), 823-836. doi:10.1111/j.1540-6210.2006.00651.x This research analyzes key trends in the presence of females in what the authors term “responsible governmental positions”. The gender representation at the governmental level is an interesting topic as it is indicative of a more nationwide trend and less culturally dependent and/or bound than the ways that the glass ceiling might be exhibited within the private sector; a sector more bound by group dynamics and cultures than that of the governmental sector. ...
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