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Assignment example - Global Business

Global Business  Assignment example
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Global Business Table of Content Introduction 3 Part A 3 Current issues in Global Economy: Futurology 3 International business strategies 4 International Trade and Investment Issues 5 SWOT analysis of Elecdyne in internationalisation perspective 6 Comparative PESTEL Analysis 8 Part B 11 International market entry strategies 11 Conclusion 12 References 13 Bibliography 15 Introduction Currently lots of organizations are taking the initiative of expanding the business…

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The companies can opt to set up plants other than the home market in places where cheap labour as well as the resources required in the operation process can be made available easily. The exchange of ideas is yet another reason for internationalization. The benefits of internalization varies between the type of business the companies works in but the most common benefit that accrues to all organization is savings of money. The workforce from different backgrounds can bring in new ideas which contribute on the growth path of the organization. When a company goes international it is easier to get into deals with other organizations and the expansion processes brings more consumers under the base of the company. It is not a hidden secret expansion of business steadies the cash inflow into the company. Part A Current issues in Global Economy: Futurology The Domino effect of globalization has provided a level playing field for many countries on the international platform. The global economy reaped the benefits of globalization as the interaction between the developed and the developing countries led to exchange of technological know-how. ...
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