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Experiencing Depersonalised bullying: a study of Indian call-centre agents

The case study of the Indian call centre agents absolutely illustrates the dangers of managerial oversight into important dimensions of contemporary business practice that conflict establishment of a fair, ethical and mutually-rewarding model of organisational culture. Managers that believe in the classical approach to management whereby rigid control systems are established as a means of ensuring compliance are clearly present in the case study, where little concern is provided for securing the needs (however complex and varied) of employees suffering from perceived or tangible bullying practices. This case study provided an excellent basket of support for critical management studies using a contemporary lens, providing a sensible and realistic model of potential managerial improvement by examining much more than simply firm-level dynamics to determine the most effective managerial model. Even though, based on the case study, there is likely little opportunity for this bullying to be eliminated, as the highly-engrained corporate culture and rather laissez-faire attitude of managers continue to sanction organisational politics and worker oppression that is considered satisfactory for achieving, first and foremost, business and market advantages. Whether the call centre scenario changes is not necessarily relevant, however the case study illustrates that no acceptable managerial model can be adopted without providing consideration to employees psycho-socially. ...
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There are fundamental contradictions in contemporary management that conflict utilisation of management theory as compared to actual management practice in the organisation. Traditional and ideological models of management tend to paint a portrait that management is a statistical responsibility…
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