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Personal statement for BA (HONS) in Business and Management

While studying IB Diploma, I was pleasantly surprised that how interaction and communication with people of different cultures is beneficial for an individual’s mental and personal growth. I strongly believe that effective management always involves asking challenging questions and listening to different opinions at the right time so that the best decisions can be taken. This ability has become an integral part of my personality due to the skills I learned by pursuing this Programme. In order to polish my skills and my abilities to deal with people from different backgrounds, I have decided to pursue higher education in the UK.
Life in the UK is not only challenging but also offers an experience of a lifetime. The beauty and cultural heritage of the UK has always dazzled me. This is why I want to study Business and Management in the UK. Another reason for my alacrity to study in the UK is due to the fact that the UK’s business sector offers excellent opportunities for newly graduates. It also ensures that I will be exposed to plenty of scope to progress into a range of management positions. I have chosen to study Business and Management because it is a broad subject and encompasses the key principles of finance, accounting, marketing and human resources. I strongly believe that it will make me compatible enough to be able to look at diverse specialisms once I graduate. ...
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Living in the 21st century, requires being abreast with the interconnected, globalized world. In order to satisfy my insatiable desire to master critical and analytical thinking skills, I decided to pursue IB Diploma Programme and study B&M and ECO HL from an International School in Vienna. Currently, I’m in the final year of the Programme…
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