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Case Study example - Green Hill Community Center

High school
Case Study
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This report evaluates the current management issues in the Greenhill Community Center with the introduction of a new executive director; the report entails a critical evaluation of the existing and newly developed issues faced by the new Executive Director, the performance of the board members and staff and the trustees in light of the principles and practices of nonprofit management…

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According to Worth (2011), all nonprofit organizations must be managed except the very small organizations, in order to meet society’s demands and expectations as well as to avoid the risks to their survival. The nonprofit sector has gained augmented attention due to its dramatic growth and increased assets; it has gained the status of a consequential part of the economy that cannot be ignored (Craver, 2006). Therefore, the stakeholders including the legislature, media and civil society demand the accountability of the assets entrusted to the nonprofit organizations and results achieved through these assets (Worth, 2011).
Analysis of Mission of the Greenhill Community Center
According to Worth (2011), nonprofit organizations do not indulge in issuing stock shares or the distribution of surplus funds to shareholders and their main aim is to utilize available resources for achieving their mission. Every nonprofit organization must have a clear and concise mission statement and it should devise objectives to attain these aims (Chait, Ryan and Taylor, 2005). The case study clearly shows that Greenhill Community Center has a definite and well defined mission; the main focus of the center is to provide social services to the people of Coastal city. ...
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