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Essay example - E-Business

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In this era of globalisation and cut throat competition, attracting the customer has become a very challenging task for any business organisation. Now companies are on the lookout of opportunities to offer their products and services to existing as well as prospective customers using all available channels…

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Now the use of internet covers real-time computer conferencing, audio broadcasting, video broadcasting, real time telephony and of course real-time business. E-business in its simplest form can be described as doing business in electronic form. It could be selling or purchasing of goods, offering and using the services through the online route, transacting financials commitments, marketing communication campaigns with attractive offers. Online retailing by supermarkets, net-banking, IT enabled services, business process outsourcing, online ticket purchase etc. are some of the examples of e-business. E-business is more than just e-commerce. It involves business processes spanning the entire value chain: electronic purchasing and supply chain management, processing orders electronically, handling customer service, and cooperating with business partners. All this requires integrating the company's external opportunities and processes with its internal strengths and processes. Such efforts also give an opportunity to the enterprise for managing the waste, cutting costs on wasteful expenditure, conserving energy, maximising business opportunities and preserving the natural balance. This study is therefore an effort to take a broader look at different aspects of e-business, its evolution over the years and its prospects in the foreseeable future.
Those were the days when a business was supposed to run its ...
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