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Internet shopping is the high street store doomed? (NASDAQ: AMZN) seems to sell just about every possible category of retail goods under the sun these days, as the venerable online e-tailer has expanded from books only to car parts, electronics, groceries and even pet supplied. With that said, most of these categories are products. Well, how about services Why doesn't sell them Or at least, allow third parties to sell services at the website of the world's largest online retail shopping site (Blogging stocks).
The use of the Internet for purchasing goods and services has enormous potential. The Internet enables consumers to shop or do transactions 24 hours a day, all year around from almost any location. It also provides consumers more choices and allows them to have quick comparisons. Moreover, it allows consumers to interact, exchange ideas, and to compare experiences with other customers in the electronic communities. Though the Internet offers a range of advantages that collectively have been shown to be important enough to attract massive interest, recent surveys demonstrated that the penetration rate of Internet shopping remains low.
It is a common practice of people to trust what they see physically and distrust everything that appears to be virtual with the fear of losing money and satisfaction. The following are the various aspects of high street stores and people buying them:
Shopping used to be ...
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The Internet has brought the whole world together and in addition to it the tastes and interests of the people are organized well. Shopping over the Internet is an activity that most people engage in, almost regularly. It is rapidly developing as an alternative to the high street and sales have already overtaken virtual shopping.
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