Six Sigma Approach

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Two bound copies of a research report on the topic "Six Sigma Approach" is to be submitted by 6pm on Thursday 10 November 2005. A word processed document on disk is to be submitted along with each copy of the report.
Process management is the culmination of the movement to transform software quality operations.


After picking the low-hanging fruit, they will find themselves in need of a broader and more robust approach. Subsuming six sigma beneath the process-management umbrella addresses those challenges and allows companies to reap its substantial benefits while keeping it away from areas where it won't work.
Because process management entails major changes to virtually all management systems, it demands absolute commitment from executives. IT Companies that rise to the challenge will garner extraordinary rewards: not just cost savings, but accelerated new-software introduction, major improvements in client satisfaction and sharp increases in profitability.
For those not familiar with Six Sigma, it is first and foremost a philosophical approach that demands the effective use of data to analyze business issues. Key decisions about business activities now beg the question, "How does the available data support that decision" Whether the decision is a make-buy decision, a product change question, a new-model introduction question, or a manufacturing-process decision, the decision on how to proceed is dependent on the available data.
Six Sigma is a measurement. ...
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