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My Career Choice


The age of globalization has also opened up new paths for this career. My multi-lingual abilities can prove invaluable in the area of foreign investment when dealing with contractors and clients in differing areas of the world. My interest in the cultures of other countries will aid me in researching the policies, laws, and business traditions necessary to cooperate anywhere on the globe. These talents will be especially valuable as I become involved with international mergers and acquisitions. The dynamic market conditions of China make it particularly suitable as an environment to do business in and I plan to expand it in the coming years. I hope to become a point of contact for the mutual cooperation between Chinese corporations and industries from around the world. Being a Corporate Investment Banker also has a more pragmatic side that lends itself to the ability to work well with other people. Decisions are often based on consensus and it is important to enlist the support of all participating parties. I possess the insight required to bring together differing viewpoints and am able to offer unique solutions that satisfy the requirements of the interests of everyone involved. This is important when trying to balance the clients' requests with the fiscal responsibility you have to senior officials. ...
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My decision to pursue a career as a Corporate Finance Investment Banker was influenced by the attraction it has by being a fast paced environment and the traits I have that make me especially well suited for the position. It requires the ability to evaluate large amounts of information…
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