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Work Experience

There are almost as many different types of hotel jobs as there are hotels and properties, offering job seekers interesting and enjoyable opportunities to try something new, advance in the industry and find rewarding careers. Job seekers looking for hotel/casino jobs may find themselves working as front desk clerks, housekeeping managers, concierges, food and beverage managers, catering and convention directors, general manager, executive chef, sous-chef, banquet manager, casino dealer, and casino slot attendant.
And for job seekers coming from other industries who are interested in hotel jobs or casino jobs, many state, provincial and local government tourism boards offer hospitality training courses to help them make the transition.
Until recently, hands-on training was the only way to learn the ropes in the hospitality industry. As the industry has grown and matured, so has the need for more professional employees. The approach today is multi-faceted, involving a combination of university or community college hospitality courses, professional programs offered by industry-specific institutes, online courses, job shadowing and mentoring, as well as the old standard, on-the-job training.
Many universities now offer a Bachelor in Hospitality or Ba ...
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Perhaps no industry is moving as quickly as the hotel industry. As the nature of travel changes, so do the needs for different types of properties and employees to fill a wide variety of hotel jobs. Today's hotels and casinos range from boutique properties and bed and breakfasts to casino resorts, motels and upscale hotel chains…
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