Strategic Managment Master Essay

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Strategic HRM is the explicit link HRM has with the strategic management process of the organization. In simple terms strategic HRM is all about systematically linking people with the organization. As a body of ideas, this field asserts a critical relationship between environment, overall business strategy and human resource strategies.


Strategic HRM is viewed as 'strategic' as it involves the managerial personnel of the organization and regards. People are the single most important asset of the organization (Poole & Jenkins, 1990). It is proactive in its approach to people. It emphasizes on teamwork, flexibility, employee involvement and organizational commitment (Beaumont, 1993). Many organizations do not assess the short term or long-term implications of their HR policies and practices, which Ulrich (1997 a) emphasizes according to him, " In the 21st century, HR roles are that of strategic partner, administrative expert, employee champion, and change agent". One of the major responsibilities of HR is to prepare itself for change and to prepare for as many of these challenges as possible in order to exploit them for competitive advantage. The HR policies and practices should be flexible in nature in order to adapt itself to these situations. Further the key to sustained competitive advantage is building and sustaining core competencies within the organization and maintaining flexibility in order to react quickly to the changing global market place. In turn, the incredible advances in technology and the primary role of HRM should be able to felicitate this process. ...
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