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In response to a directive from the Chief Executive Officer, I am pleased to present a case for implementation of a suitable state-of-the-art integrated Business Information System (BIS) for the Fine Food Company (FFC). This report has been prepared after a review and analysis of the existing operating and management information sharing procedures in vogue in the company in light of the recent advancements in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) applications in business enterprises worldwide.


Apart from processing, cooking, and preparing food at its manufacturing site close to headquarters, the company also out sources pre-prepared and partly prepared food products from other vendor firms, and markets them after packaging.
The annual turnover of FFC stands at an impressive UKP15 million, with a steady net profit of about 7%. Currently on an ambitious five-year plan to augment the annual growth rate to 10% discounting inflation, and net profit to 9%, FFC will take advantage of the growing demand for fashionable and quality food products. The company has been traditionally operating on a solely paper-based transaction processing, accounting, and reporting mode that is obsolete and incompatible with the information age, besides being cumbersome, time-consuming, and inefficient.
As Allen and Gilmore (2004, p.180) rightly observed, the "factory of the future" that succeeds in the new millennium would be "organized around the computer." And that future is right here and no ...
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