Strategies for Implementing Accounting Software Systems in Small to Medium Enterprises

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Project subject area and Angle description - Small to medium enterprises are major components of developed economies as they constitute 99% of the total number of business operations in these countries. Taking this into consideration, intensive research on the factors affecting their performance is extremely crucial.


However, formulating and executing implementation strategies for accounting software are important in maximizing the accounting efficiency of an SME.
Problem to be Solved and Worth - In this highly developed economy, there is an influx of accounting software packages tailored to the needs of various customers. This wide array of choices leads to the dilemma of picking out the 'right' software system for small to medium business operations which in turn, brings the more difficult issue of crafting implementation strategies for the accounting software. This problem requires intensive research as it provides better understanding of the relationship between accounting efficiency and strategies of software implementation.
Idea for Action and Data Outline - First, the researcher will conduct interviews with 10 to 15 SMEs to gather the required data for the study. The interview is expected to generate a list of implementation strategies employed by these companies. Then, the effectiveness of strategies will be evaluated and compared by measuring the SMEs' accounting efficiency based on the data gathered in the interview. For that purpose, the researcher will devise a measuring system with the help of secondary data gathered in the review of literature. ...
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