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Over view of Hospitality Industry

This is often becoming difficult to achieve because of the volume of issues hospitality companies deal with today:
The total guest experience is often more than a particular lodging or food service organization. For instance, customers may want to find other points of interest near their current lodging or dining location.
By definition, a brand is a promise made by a company to its customers. This promise is a bundle of goods that includes the product, its related services and intangible elements such image. Essentially, the brand promise reassures the customers in the purchasing process: they know what it is they are buying and they know what they will get.
In the hotel business, this notion is very important. When traveling, a customer will seek to eliminate as many unknowns from the process as possible. In planning the trip, the choice of the hotel becomes a key decision. Knowing beforehand where you are going and what you will be experiencing once you are there, substantially reduces stress. Therefore, a well recognized and defined brand stands to gain a substantial share of the traveler market compared to a local, unknown brand. ...
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Companies in the hospitality industry face a highly competitive environment in which differentiation and providing an innovative customer experience are key elements building brand awareness and loyalty among customers. However, many companies spend the majority of time focused on improving core operations rather than the fundamental customer experience…
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