Jencos Information System

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Jencos, a medium sized supermarket chain desires to expand its operations allover UK. It presently has several information systems which are insufficient to be a serious contender in the UK supermarket arena.
An e-strategy is developed to cover all their present problems and support good customer/supplier relations.


Diversifications into other businesses are very important for business continuity and should be taken care really well to fetch more customers and provide them better and allied services for retention and indirect marketing.
The Supply Chain Management (SCM) systems could be used to track the production, procurement and logistics processes to supply goods and services from their source to final delivery to the customer. (Laudon, 2002)
It eyes on Tesco which is an online grocery store and delivery service selling computers and furniture's, house dcor, entertainment stuff like DVD's and others and books, finance and insurance, phones and broadband services, flowers and other accessories. Tesco also provides a Tesco Clubcard for earning points on purchases where Jencos wants to introduce loyalty card.
It also desires to get close to Sainsburys another supermarket giant which caters a lot of services besides grocery. It also incorporates a forum which puts across many interesting blog which a customer can participate and also acts like feedback, precisely a business strategy by the company.
Creating a good market in other items than grocery will not be easier as others have already created the space really well. ...
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