Managing Intercultural Workforce - Case Study Example

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Managing Intercultural Workforce

It is an in-flight meals provider for the airline industry companies that operates in 29 countries and employs 22,000 people, making 534,000 meals per day (Profile: Gate Gourmet, 2005, n/p).
However, in August- September 2005 Gate Gourmet managed to get into the headings of almost every major business newspaper or magazine. The company has become a widely-cited example of airline industry outsourcing after some of the British Airlines employees joined the Gate Gourmet's workers for strike.
In this paper I will assess the actions of Gate Gourmet management prior to and during the time of the strike and negotiations with regard to aspects of communication, decision-making, organizational culture and inter-organisational politics.
Effective communication is of high importance to every organisation in every industry. Nevertheless, for the going through the hard times of restructuring and strategy rethinking airline industry companies it is a factor of extreme importance. ...
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In August-September 2005 British Airlines employees walked-out to join the strike of the Gate Gourmet workers. The actions of Gate Gourmet management prior to and in the conflict situation are assessed with regard to organizational behaviour theories of communication, decision-making, organizational culture and intra-organisational politics…
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