Entry of Apple Phone in the Market - Case Study Example

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Entry of Apple Phone in the Market

In 2007, it sold between 500,000 and 1 million phones within two days of its launch. (Srinivas, 2008)
In terms of the model that has been used for the Apple phone for the development of a relevant marketing plan and strategy, we will study the International Market Entry Mode Strategy that this company has used. This strategy is ideal for those companies that wish to diversify geographically. (Walter et al, 1988) This strategy along with others that have to do with market segmentation and brand positioning for maximum customer satisfaction will be used in order to evolve a strategy that is best suited for the purpose of an entry level product in a market as diverse as that of the global market. (Srinivas, 2008)
The first element when entering a new market is the risk factor. For the Apple phone there has been a strategic management of risk through a change of location as well as the launch of personalised and online services. There, is a need to now focus on changing passive international sales into hardcore business. It is important to capitalise on the opportunities by undertaking risks so as to achieve organisational growth. ...
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The Apple Phone like many luxury goods of our times has become synonymous with the latest trends in its niche market. Lifestyle products have seen many takers from a variety of income and social backgrounds in the recent past. This has triggered various empirical studies into the nature of the market forces that determine the operational realities of these products in terms of brand identities and knowledge…
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