Leadership and Organisational Performance

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The modern world is witnessing change as almost a continuous phenomenon - Globalization, Optimization, Transformation, Competitiveness, etc.


are key attributes of a Modern Leader in order to establish the path to success & take the entire organization along with him/her on this path towards well thought of & established goals. All successful leaders are the ones who have been successful to sustain & enhance the performance of the organizations they lead and ensure success & good image among Public, Customers, Stake Holders, Government & Employees.
To grow, flourish & be successful in the modern Global Competitive markets, the Leadership Team of an organization should structure & manage the internal system to ensure Flexibility, Creativity and Excellence by addressing the following building blocks of success:
Management by data & facts: The technology enablement of the internal system such that adequate data is captured from all the systems and modelled in Business Intelligence Systems such that the exact performance of processes within the organization and their reasons are clearly evident.
People involvement: People are involved in strategic decision making such that decisions are taken based on ideas from wider groups within the organization and not just by ...
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