Personal Debt Crisis In the UK

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If the number of "how-to-get-out-of-debt" inquiries at the Citizens Advice Bureau were any indication of how bad the personal debt problem had become in the UK, then one can infer how gloomy things have become. Based on its tally, the bureau received 20% more enquiries from people in debt between 2006 and 2007 than the previous year.


Seeing how things have gone south economically worldwide, one can only hope that governments, the global financial industry and more importantly, the private individual had better get their acts together. Citizens Advice Chief Executive David Harker cited the CAB statistics as "worrying evidence" that a large and growing number of people will continue to pay the price, and will become overwhelmed by serious debt impacting adversely on their lives. He further stressed that even more worrying are the "signs that people are struggling not only to repay credit, but also to afford day-to-day essentials" (CAB, 2007).
According to a study that analyzed the impact of debt advice in the UK, there seemed to be three different types of debt that can be attributed to the following causes: changing circumstances, poor money management, and creditor behaviour. Changing circumstances typically included unemployment or a change in employment, illness, bereavement and/or separation from a partner. Although the factors which brought about these changes varied, the changes were commonly interlinked and their effect was generally the same: the difficulty interviewees experienced having to manage on a reduced income caused them to fall into debt or exacerbated an existing debt (Pleasence, P. et. al, 2006). ...
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