Organisational Learning

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In today's business world, it is increasingly recognised that change is the rule rather than the exception of business. It is therefore in the interest of all businesses to adopt a culture of learning. In this way, all employees work together in a learning environment for the improvement of the company.


This is particularly demonstrated at Eglin Air Force Base, Florida, as explicated by Jack Dwyer (2004).
According to Dwyer, Eglin's Air Armament Center (AAC), under the leadership of Gen. Robert W. Chedister, has become a learning organisation in the true sense of the term. Making this possible, is the motivation and focus of each individual and each team within the AAC to use learning in order to increasingly produce results. This is the ultimate aim of the paradigm shift that Gen. Chedister is leading in his organisation.
To facilitate the process of creating a learning organisation, Gareth Morgan (1997) suggests using metaphor in order to view the organisational structure. Whereas organisations during the Industrial Age were largely viewed in a mechanistic way, the human factor has increasingly imposed itself. Since the 1960s particularly, managers have increasingly begun to realise that job satisfaction and the meaning derived from the work day positively influences the quality of the work delivered. Hence the mechanistic metaphor for the organisation has also made way for a more organic, flexible, and generally humanistic view.
within a certain environment that it influences and that influences the organisation in turn. ...
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