Visitor Management

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Visitor's attraction to any tourist site plays a pivotal role in the survival and maintenance of that particular tourist site and the tourism industry as a whole. In fact some economies depend to a large extent on the tourist inflows and they continually keep employing newer techniques for economic regeneration.


But if he happens to be inside a casino, he'd like to enjoy the latest hip music to be played along. Service quality plays a crucial role in popularizing the tourist spot and generating revenues. Some of the most important aspects of the overall service quality in visitor management are;
Policies of the government: Tourist inflows to any tourist site depend on the policies and role of the federal government. For example the ancient monuments of Lord Buddha in Bamiyan (Afghanistan) bore a testimony of inept attitude of the local administration. These towering statues used to be a major tourist attraction and a revenue earner playing a crucial role in the economy of Afghanistan.
Coordination with tour operators: Tour operators happen to be a smarter race in understanding the needs of the visitors and they appear to be more accessible. Tour operators can regularly include a tourist spot in the itinerary of the visitors depending upon the kind of facilities he is getting from the management of the tourist spot. To this end, the management may consider offering some discounts in the entrance fees etc. to the tour operator in lieu of consistency in visitor numbers.
Operating proper guided tours: The first thing a visitor expects from the management ...
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