Orgnistionl context of PEPSI INC

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PepsiCo is world leder in convenient foods nd beverges, with revenues of bout $25 billion nd over 142,000 employees. The compny consists of the snck businesses of Frito-Ly North meric nd Frito-Ly Interntionl; the beverge businesses of Pepsi-Col North meric, Gtorde/Tropicn North meric nd PepsiCo Beverges Interntionl; nd Quker Foods North meric, mnufcturer nd mrketer of redy-to-et cerels nd other food products.


Stakeholders are generally defined as any individuals or organizations who have the ability to directly or indirectly affect or are affected by the operations of a program. (Wnous, Reichers, Mlik, 2004) In Pepsi Inc there are two main distinctions concerning the type of stakeholder: internal and external. Internal stakeholders are typically all employees, and might include specific groups such as agency managers; program managers; front-line supervisors; direct-service employees; subject matter experts or occupational specialists; and evaluation, planning, and budgeting staff. External stakeholders are individuals or groups outside the organization that regularly exercise actions that can promote, inhibit, or change the operations of the organization. Types of external stakeholders who might participate include: elected officials, interest groups, union representatives, the media, customers, and citizens. Powerful externl stkeholders re cpble of dominting n orgnistion's strtegy. ...
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