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Essay example - Marketing and Social Networking Web Sites

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The absolute number of users or visitors to social networking Web sites and their obsession for the area represents a potentially considerable opportunity that marketers have up till now to not fully understood and tapped. Nowadays social networking sites have a greater stronger pull on their users relative to other Web sites…

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It's a straightforward concept that assists build integrity when you are able to put a face to the messenger.
Social networking sites like Facebook and MySpace have turned out to be the party lines in this 21st century. They are attractive and fascinating and a powerful tool for communication between people. Learning the way to use them intelligently for marketing can add to any businesses profile. Social networking Web sites provides an important media channel for broadcasting to a diverse demographic, ranging from teens and young to adults, women, moms, prosperous consumers, to elder individuals. In fact experts suppose U.S. ad expenditure on social networks to rise by about 200% by 2011.
Consumers react less to conventional media and advertising, and are changing towards consumer-to-consumer communication including mobile messaging, blogging, word-of mouth marketing, similarity shopping sites, and peer-to-peer networks. Study shows that 80% of consumers belief in the advice from online friends, representing thrice as much trust compared to through traditional media. Additionally, one of every three users of the internet visits Web sites comprising of user-generated stuff to aid make purchase choices (Ward, 2007, 3). ...
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