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Human Resources Management Degree

The HR manager must also make sure that company policies in regards to employee relations are implemented according to law and are in the best interest of all concerned.
Performance appraisals are an ongoing measurement of an employee's level of performance and productivity. They are designed to give the firm and the employee meaningful feedback to indicate areas that require improvement. These may include additional training or personality changes. Appraisals are also used to justify a monetary increase in pay. Performance appraisals have been criticised as being biased, negative, and ineffective. However, scepticism can be minimised by involving the employee in their own appraisal, use quantitative instead of qualitative data, and be sure the appraiser is objective. Also it is helpful to set firm and clear performance goals to measure the employee's performance against.
Management development is the process that a manager utilises to improve their management skills and increase their awareness of management methods. Management development not only improves the manager, but also has the goal of improving the organisation and introducing new organisational ideas. Managers must continually be open to new management ideas and theories as well as the realisation that they must continually adjust their style to the changing workplace. ...
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The HR manager co-ordinates the firm's staffing requirements with the various labour sources available. The HR manager will be responsible for making decisions whether to direct hire permanent employees, contract temporary help, or use an outside agency to supply workers…
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