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Systematic Approach to Learning and Development

A systematic approach includes a unique but practical network that evaluates approaches before, during and after training to ensure employees truly benefited from the training in terms of enhanced results to the organisation. To be evaluative under such conditions, an organisation must possess capabilities that produce a highly responsive and adaptive system of decision and action. In such a system, it is necessary to evaluate the means of the information, where decisions, and actions are brought into conjunction and involves a complex interplay between individuals, positions, and levels. Such an interplay plays a critical role in evaluating organisational responsiveness and makes flexibility highly important where control and guidance of these processes in a flexible manner are a critical function of an organisation.
Systematic approach serves as a tool to apply systems theory in context with organisational change as systems theory or systems thinking is the idea that an organisation is made up of many different resources. ...
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Systematic approach to training are actually based upon evaluative techniques that are adopted in order to ensure that managers are utilising the best of their capabilities and their employees. A systematic approach requires systematic theoretical background for understanding the functioning of organisations and for identifying some critical organisational functions required for effectiveness…
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