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Human Resource Management (Strategic Perspectives)

It is, therefore, imperative that call centre employees be exceedingly well-trained in order to ensure, not just the provision of quality service but that the call centre communicate a positive image of the corporation itself.
Upon consideration of the importance of call centres, the decision to outsource appears quite monumental as, indeed, it is. Cost considerations, however, firmly establish it as a practical decision. Therefore, prior to outsourcing its call centre operations to India, ABC Incorporated need have a thorough understanding of HR outsourcing, its associate management models, be cognizant of the advantages and disadvantages of such a step and realise the cross-national and cross-cultural challenges which confront such a step in order to best manage them. This report will do just that.
The report will commence with an overview of the definition of both outsourcing and HRO. Both these definitions are important for two reasons. In the first place, they give us a solid understanding of the advantages of outsourcing specified HR functions. ...
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Numerous corporations, among which we may mention global giants such as Microsoft, HSBC and GE, have fully embraced the outsourcing phenomenon. Even while conceding to the fact that the outsourcing of some customer service functions may be a very difficult and challenging undertaking, these corporations, and many others, have determinedly embrace HR outsourcing because of its highly cost-effective nature.
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