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Essentials for good customer service

Listen to your customers carefully .There is nothing more exasperating than telling someone about your problem and what you require and then discover that he hasn't been paying attention and you will need to explain again. Let your customer know that you are listening by making the appropriate responses, such as saying 'Alright' and 'I understand' and suggesting how to solve the problem. Remember to make eye contact and listen with a genuine interest.
Deal with complaints. No one likes to hear complaints but you should always try to solve it yourself instead of saying that you cannot assist him in anyway or sending him to the manager .Become an active listener and don't try to dominate the conversation, instead say "I apologize" and "I am sure we can find a solution to your problem." If you give the complaint your attention, you may be able to please him and position yourself to reap the benefits of good customer service such as creating good relations with people and improving your reputation as a skilled worker in your store.
Make the information that your customers want easily available to them. When a customer comes to you with a query on an item, try to give him all the information verbally rather than handing him a brochure with all relevant information. People always prefer to shop at places where they can find their required items and necesarry information easily .
Treat every customer like ...
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Good department/customer service is all about establishing trust and rapport and making customers loyal to your store. They should always leave happy after they have availed your services and pass a positive feedback to others, who may then try your services themselves and become loyal customers too…
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