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Whirlpool Corporation - Essay Example

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Whirlpool Corporation is the worldwide leader in the home appliance industry with a 13% share of the European market. It operated 11 manufacturing plants producing 6,900 SKUs. …

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Whirlpool Corporation

In each major European market, Whirlpool had a country sales office which handled sales generation and forecasting, order processing, billing and collection. They served 2 types of customers – direct consumers who purchases appliances for their homes and contractors who needed built-in appliances for new home constructions and kitchen remodeling. Success in these 2 markets depended on product quality, price, availability, and on-time delivery. Currently, with the wide scope of Whirlpool’s operations, it has disjointed information systems implemented in the various business units which hamper the company’s success in meeting its customer and operations requirements. To remedy this, Whirlpool is evaluating the plan to implement a company-wide enterprise resource planning system, called Project Atlantic. The cost of Project Atlantic is sizeable both in financial and non-financial terms. A rigorous capital investment appraisal, both quantitative and qualitative need to be conducted before embarking on the project (Case Resource). ...
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