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Introduction to Business Law College

The first violation obviously is running the red light and the subsequent offense stems from the first on the idea that the driver was speeding and didn't have time to stop. Now, in light of there being a bodily injury to the pedestrian, this could be tagged as "manslaughter". So I have found that this case definitely involved three intermediate offenses. Even with all the evidence here this case still is not definitely, without a doubt, a felony. It fits more into the category of "wobbler crime" which means that it could be charged as a misdemeanor or a felony but still could be plea bargained down at sentencing. So, in light of the research I've already done for this case it seems it could possibly fall into my case load but the felony charge could change. Continuing on from the first case, I did brief research into the remaining case files and found they all had varying degrees in criminal activity but there were only three others that seemed to match the criteria for felonies. ...
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I have reviewed the case files that were assigned to me and have sorted them into the precise and correlating categories that coincide with the offences'. Some of the cases were a bit on the tricky side in that more than one violation or criminal offence was involved such as the case involving the driver who ran the red light and hit the pedestrian…
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