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The UK public sector - Case Study Example

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Case Study
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The 1980s saw issues like privatisation, commercialisation, and above all, modernisation as the major dominants in the UK government's agenda at the time. This had far reaching effects on the policy considerations and final formulations within the government…

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The UK public sector

In doing so, there was a definite movement towards policies that would influence the industrial relations and the trade union movement. (Driver et al, 1998) This was followed by changing political ideals and approaches towards the public sectors in the following decades. In recent times however, it has been seen that there is significant unrest and discontent within the trade union regarding perspectives on the public sector in terms of pay and industrial relations. This paper will discuss the causes and extent of such discontent through the context of theories, events and various facts related to the civil services in general.
It is imperative to first define the public sector in UK. A country's public sector generally defines the horizon on which the various developments towards progression and growth of infrastructure take place. It is also the regulating force that underscores the activities within the market and that of the private sector as well. It is no different for UK's public sector which consists of basic amenity providing bodies like the postal service, the fire department, education, health and prison service, to name a few.
Any country or organisation's basic and most important resource lies with its human element. The working force behind the industrial sector is in fact the work force, popularly known as the human resources. ...
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